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Hi guys!

2009-05-14 20:54:29 by NatersonAnimations

I just made this new account here on newgrounds. I actually had one before but I didn't post anything on it for more than a year (the animations sucked too) so I decided to make a new one for my better stuff. I used to have a website called TN animation, but because a dispute between the community, I broke off and I'm a freelance animator now. I don't animate a lot, I hate to admit, so don't expect a whole lot of stuff. I also like to draw a lot but I never share any of my art for many reasons. On my youtube page (natenaterson) I like to write reviews and do Let's Plays sometimes. I guess you could say I have a range of hobbies, but it's up to you whether or not you think I am talented. I hope you all check out my animations when I start uploading those more often. Thanks! :)